There can be two kinds of events on the Timeline: Notes and Active Clock events.

Events can be:
  • selected from the Event drop-down list > the Playhead will move to that position
  • selected by clicking an Event marker on the Timeline
  • moved along the Timeline by dragging
  • edited in the Edit dialogue
  • deleted with the Delete button
  • locked in the Settings panel
  • exported and imported as a .quuppaclocklog file from the File menu
Note: Locking the events in Settings only prevents accidentally touching them on the Timeline. They can still be deleted and edited using the corresponding buttons. Locking Active Clock events also disables adding new Active Clock events on the Timeline.


Notes are markers on the Timeline. They can be used as bookmarks for specific interest points.

A new Note is added to the current Playhead position by pressing the Add note button or using shortcut key N. This opens a dialogue for writing a message. Alternatively, the message can be written in the Message field before creating the Note. A running number can be added to the note by typing $c. Using the Message field also prevents the pop-up window from opening when a note is added, which can be useful, for example when adding several notes during playback.

Active Clock

Active Clock can be used to mark and count for example running time in a hockey game or opening hours of a store.

An Active Clock event on the Timeline either starts or stops the Active Clock. A new Active Clock event is added to the current Playhead position by pressing the Add start/stop button or using shortcut key S . When a new Active Clock event is added, it will become either a Start or Stop event depending on whether the Active Clock is running at that point.

Note: The Active Clock events that are already on Timeline won’t be affected by a new event, i.e. in case a new event is added before an existing event, there can be two consecutive Start or Stop events on the Timeline.
Note: The Active Clock has an effect on the visualizing and analyzing tools. Active Clock can be enabled/disabled from Settings. Disabling Active Clock does not clear the existing Active Clock events.