The Quuppa hardware selection includes both Locators and Tags:

  • Q17 Locator - The Q17 is Quuppa’s latest addition to the Generation Q product line. It boasts a smaller, lighter design with a considerable increase in performance and a variety of other improved hardware components and firmware upgrades.
  • LD-7L Locator - The Quuppa LD-7L Locator is designed for larger environments. It has a durable, dust and waterproof casing with IP65 classification, making it suitable for rough industrial environments and outdoor use.
  • LD-6L Locator - The Quuppa LD-6L is discreetly and elegantly designed to fit well into any indoor environment. It is a compact and lightweight device, comes with an easy to use mounting bracket, and can even be attached using magnets for temporary installations.
  • QT1-1 Tag - The Quuppa QT1-1 Tag is designed to be easily attached to a person or object. It is lightweight, waterproof, shockproof and IP67 classified, houses a 3-axis accelerometer, a programmable button and an LED.
  • QT1 Tag Module - The Quuppa QT1 Module is a PCB-module to be integrated into custom designed mechanics or other devices. You can find the QT1 inside many of our Partner’s tags, as well as our own QT1-1 Tag.