Revision History

The table below summarises the changes that have been made to the documentation.

Date Change Description
October 2020
  • Quuppa Tag Design Principles added
  • Quuppa Site Planner User Manual updated for software release 6.3.6
  • Quuppa Reference Project Documentation added
  • Video Gallery section updated to include new QBoost IntroPack videos
  • QPE Hardware Recommendation section added
September 2020 Quuppa online documentation updated with the following content:
  • Instruction for upgrading Generation Q Locator firmware added to the Q17 Locator User Manual
  • Quuppa Site Planner User Manual updated for software release 6.3
  • Video Gallery section added
  • Other Resources section added
  • Compatibility Guide section added
May 2020 Quuppa's online documentation launched together with the software release v.6.2. It includes the following documents:
  • Quuppa Development Kit Quick Start Guide
  • Quuppa Site Planner User Manual
  • Quuppa System Simulator User Manual
  • Quuppa Data Player User Manual
  • Quuppa Data Aggregator User Manual
  • Q17 Locator User Manual
  • LD-7L Locator User Manual
  • LD-6L Locator User Manual
  • QT1-1 Tag User Manual
  • QT1 Tag Module User Manual