25 April 2013

Tieto demonstrates Augmented Reality Indoors at MWC 2013 – powered by Quuppa

In this year’s Mobile World Congress, Tieto created a unique demo where Quuppa HAIP technology was combined with Augmented Reality to open completely new ways for visualizing the real-time location of objects and people. The demo also illustrates the easiness of integrating Quuppa’s indoor positioning to other new technologies. Here you can find a link to the video video.

As Jussi Lemponen, Senior Business Developer at Tieto, stated: “Providing location-aware mobility for enterprise and consumers, High-Accuracy Indoor Positioning will make life easier just about everywhere. In retail, it will guide consumers to the right shelf when they’re searching for a product. Lost keys will be a thing of the past. In enterprise, the applications are almost endless. It’s an incredibly exciting area. Our demo here at Mobile World Congress shows the power of the solution, and illustrates how easily it can be integrated into devices, networks and complete systems.”

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