Quuppa offers a full range of products for building a powerful Real-time Locating System (RTLS). Locators for smaller and larger environments, both for indoor and outdoor use, multiple options for Tags, and a comprehensive software package for planning and deploying the system, as well as for simulating and analyzing.

Furthermore, our continually growing Ecosystem of 100+ partners offers a multitude of tags, end-user applications, and installation services worldwide.


Quuppa Site Planner (QSP)

is a comprehensive software used for planning, deploying and configuring the system. Its intuitive tools and wizards make it easy to estimate Locator coverage and determine the Locator coordinates and orientations.

Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE)

is the heart and brains of the system. It receives data from the Locators, runs it through advanced positioning algorithms, and offers a standard JSON/REST- push/pull API, that enables seamless integration with other systems. QPE can be running locally or in the cloud.

Quuppa Data Player (QDP)

is a versatile tool for evaluating system performance, as well as for presenting and analyzing tracking results. It enables both real-time viewing and recording/replaying of data and creates for example heatmaps, trajectories, and zone history tables for analytics.

Quuppa System Simulator (QSS)

creates a virtual Quuppa system that enables developing and testing applications, system components, and interfaces, as well as testing hardware capacity and verifying deployment plan before carrying out the physical implementation.

All Quuppa software is Java-based and therefore not dependent on the operating system. We prefer using Linux, but Windows and MacOS applications are also available.

Quuppa Customer Portal (QCP)

is a web service used for managing and monitoring projects, customizable alerts, licenses, and orders.


Quuppa LD-6L Locator

is discreetly and elegantly designed to fit well into any indoor environment. It is a compact and lightweight device, comes with an easy to use mounting bracket, and can even be attached using magnets for temporary installations.

Quuppa LD-7L Locator

is designed for larger environments. It has a durable, dust and waterproof casing with IP65 classification, making it suitable for rough industrial environments and outdoor use. With its large, optimized antenna array, the LD-7L can detect Tags up to 300 meters and provide sub-meter tracking up to 150 meters. Besides the longer range, the LD-7L also provides more accurate results at close distances. The LD-7L has a standard VESA200 mounting, offering a wide variety of installation options.

Quuppa Locators are powered by standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or 12V DC. They have inbuilt accelerometer sensors and run a full telemetry system, allowing for remote configuration, automatic diagnostic, and faults recovery. All Quuppa hardware products are Bluetooth® registered, and at least FCC and CE certified.

Quuppa QT1-1 Tag

is designed to be easily attached to a person or object. It is lightweight, waterproof, shockproof and IP67 classified, houses a 3-axis accelerometer, a thermometer, a programmable button, and an LED.

Quuppa QT1 Tag Module

is a PCB-module to be integrated into custom designed mechanics or other devices. You can find the QT1 inside many of our Partner’s tags, as well as our own QT1-1.

Quuppa Tag Firmware Libraries

are used to make existing Bluetooth® Low Energy devices Quuppa-compatible, with a full range of functionalities.

» Learn more about Quuppa tag development options.

Quuppa Tag emulation

enables, for example, Android and iOS devices to be Quuppa trackable, with the same accuracy than any other Quuppa tag.

Infrastructure, installation, and maintenance

The deployment of the Quuppa system is straightforward: Create the project with the Site Planner, install the Locators and connect them to the server via standard Ethernet network, measure Locator positions with the help of Site Planner’s intuitive tools, and that’s it – you’ll be up and running in no time.

The Quuppa system can make use of existing network infrastructure, so it is not mandatory to build a dedicated network. The physical ethernet cables can also be replaced with standard WiFi bridge devices. Locators support DHCP and DHCP options for QPE discovery, and Locators and QPE are communicating using standard Internet Protocol.

Once installed, a Quuppa system usually requires no physical maintenance. The system is continuously monitoring itself, and automatically sends an alert in case attention is needed.