2 November 2015

RFID Journal reviews Quuppa Technology

logoRFID Journal has published an extensive article on how Quuppa Intelligent Locating System enables our partners to build low-cost solutions that provide real-time location data. Here are some highlights of the article:

ThinkINside Doing More With Retail

ThinkINside is using the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ as part of its indoor location analytics solution, known as RetailerIN. The solution is intended to provide retailers with data and analytics regarding how customers interact with the products in their store before making purchases.

With RetailerIN, a store can view information regarding where shoppers go within its premises, how long they spend in certain locations and which areas of the store may not attract many customers. RetailerIN also communicates with the retailer’s point-of-sale software and compares the sales data against the location of a specific basket or cart, thereby pairing information about where a particular patron went to data about the specific products purchased.

According to Iacopo Carreras, ThinkINside’s CEO, the system offers a good alternative to other indoor location systems, such as those utilizing cameras. He notes that camera-based systems do not typically provide full-store coverage and cannot easily follow a shopper from one area to another. What’s more, he says, RTLS solutions using Wi-Fi or other types of active RFIDtags can be expensive to install, while Wi-Fi transmissions do not provide highly granular location data. Traditional Bluetooth beacon systems also lack location precision; typically, they indicate only that a smartphone is within range of a beacon.

General Sensing Doing More With Healthcare

General Sensing is building Quuppa location technology into its MedSense solution. It is a family of sensor-based solutions that provide real-time data and analytics to improve health-care delivery. For instance, MedSense Clear is a hand-hygiene compliance system that has been deployed throughout the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Another product, MedSense Look uses Quuppa technology for tracking the movements of patients within a health-care facility, to quantify patient and provider flows. This allows users to identify and address bottlenecks and other inefficiencies, in real time or offline, in order to ensure that care is being delivered according to best practices.

“Care delivery is dynamic with a diversity of activities happening in close quarters,” says Jonathan Gips, CEO of General Sensing. Traditional beacon-based tracking solutions wouldn’t be able to provide location data that was sufficiently granular, he notes, adding that health-care systems are increasingly leveraging consumer devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables to rethink and augment how they deliver care. “We see this combination of high accuracy and consumer device compatibility as a major advantage,” he states, “as compared to the other RTLS systems on the market.”

Next steps

ThinkINside is currently in discussions with multiple retailers throughout Europe and the United States to launch pilots, Carreras says. His company intends to also offer the solution for the health-care and hospitality markets next year, he adds, in order to provide intelligence regarding where individuals go throughout the facility.

General Sensing is working with a U.S. hospital to deploy MedSense Look, using Quuppa technology, at the beginning of next year. The hospital will utilize the system to quantify patient progress toward recovery after surgery, Gips says.

Read the whole article here: Quuppa’s Beacon-based RTLS Sees Adoption by Health Care and Retail

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