20 February 2015

Quuppa to partner with 3logic

Press release

Quuppa and 3logic are proud to announcelogo-3logic a partnership in which 3logic will distribute Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating Technology as part of their tailored IT solutions. The solutions 3logic offers involve Quuppa’s sub-meter accurate locating technology for geofencing, safety, and visitor tracking, among others.

“We are very excited about this partnership. 3logic is an innovator on services and custom made IT solutions. They are building applications nobody else even though about. In addition to this, 3logic has always done everything with an exceptional level of skill. We are certain that their services together with our locating technology will bring unique value to the customers”, says Fabio Belloni, the Chief Customer Officer at Quuppa.

Domenico Loschiavo, 3logic’s Chief Technology Officer, describes the aspects that make Quuppa’s product unique compared to its competitors: “As part of research projects and in order to improve our solutions for geofencing scenarios, 3logic has launched a number of great experiments in the context of proximity and marketing of indoor/outdoor positioning. We have tested many technologies, but Quuppa is the best choice. High accuracy recognition, long battery duration, easy deployment are some of the best features of Quuppa’s system that facilitate our work.”

The applications of Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating Technology are virtually limitless. 3logic has proved the applicability in various situations. “We’re testing Quuppa’s system for monitoring workers safety in industrial area with excellent results. And we found it exceptionally effective for tracking paths of visitors inside showrooms, stores, and museums, in order to apply intelligence to physical data collecting.” Loschiavo says.


For further information contact:
Quuppa: Kimmo Kalliola, CEO: kimmo.kalliola@quuppa.com, +358 50 483 7226

QUUPPA provides reliable real-time sub-meter positioning for location-based solutions and services. Quuppa systems have been successfully applied across various industries including healthcare, industrial internet, retail, security and sports. Quuppa is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). EIT ICT Labs supports innovative SMEs in their international growth.

3LOGIC creates handmade digital products with the same care of a tailor or a jeweler. 3logic enables organizations to integrate old and new business systems, regardless of technology or location, in order to create new business services. 3logic has developed projects across all industries including healthcare, automotive, fashion, and communication. Find more information at http://www.3logic.it/en/

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Press Release – Quuppa to partner with 3logic

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