21 November 2012

Quuppa brings High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) solution to the market

Indoor positioning has a vast variety of applications from tracking assets in warehouses and factories and analyzing customer behavior in a retail store, to finding the right platform in a large train station, ensuring safety of an elderly person at home, or analyzing game events in team sports. According to ABI Research the indoor location technology market is expected to grow fast with 200.000 installations of infrastructure equipment and 800 million application downloads by 2017, in retail segment alone.

Quuppa is a startup company founded in September 2012 by the engineers and scientists who invented and have been developing the High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) technology since 2006. Quuppa is privately owned and incorporated in Finland, with business activities also in the USA.

Starting from November 2012 Quuppa is providing HAIP positioning solutions; hardware, software, and services for companies representing various vertical markets. Companies deploying HAIP positioning systems in their premises will benefit from interoperability of the systems across the mobile device platforms. ”Quuppa is excited to be the first company bringing HAIP technology to the market. HAIP is superior for locating anything anywhere, with highest accuracy and lowest power consumption, and Quuppa is proud to be the leading provider of this technology.”, says Kimmo Kalliola, CEO of Quuppa.

Quuppa also aims to join the In-Location Industry Alliance, founded in August 2012 by Nokia together with more than 20 other companies, for promoting deployment of location-based indoor services and ensuring interoperability of the solutions from different manufacturers.

Media Enquiries:
Quuppa Oy
Kimmo Kalliola
Tel. +358 50 4837226
Email: kimmo.kalliola@quuppa.com

About Quuppa: Quuppa develops, manufactures, and offers technical solutions, equipment, software, applications, and services for location tracking, positioning, and navigation. Quuppa was founded in September 2012 by the original inventors of the HAIP technology. Quuppa aims to become the leading provider of high accuracy positioning solutions for both consumers and enterprises. For more information, please contact Quuppa at info@quuppa.com.

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