9 March 2015

Quuppa and General Sensing announcing a partnership

Press release

General Sensing will distribute Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating Technology with their MedSense solution.

Quuppa and the healthcare IT solutions provider General Sensing have announced a partnership. General Sensing will be distributing Quuppa’s real time locating system technology with their MedSense solutions.

Jonathan Gips, the CEO and a co-founder of General Sensing, says: “We’re excited to partner with Quuppa! Their approach to indoor positioning, which offers robust meter-level accuracy and mobile device compatibility, creates new opportunities for our products and customers.”

The MedSense products are created to improve safety, efficiency, and patient satisfaction in a hospital environment. They monitor and analyze workflow dynamics in hospitals, as well as track the hand hygiene practices.

“Ensuring the best possible care in hospitals is vitally important. The MedSense solutions contribute to the health and safety of hospital patients. These are the kind of values Quuppa can stand behind and this is why we are happy to partner with General Sensing”, says Kimmo Kalliola, the CEO of Quuppa.


For further information contact:
Quuppa: Kimmo Kalliola, CEO: kimmo.kalliola@quuppa.com, +358 50 483 7226

QUUPPA provides reliable real-time sub-meter positioning for location-based solutions and services. Quuppa systems have been successfully applied across various industries including healthcare, industrial internet, retail, security and sports. Quuppa is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). EIT ICT Labs supports innovative SMEs in their international growth.

GENERAL SENSING is a healthcare IT solutions provider dedicated to helping organizations harness the power of sensor technology to transform their operations. With its MedSense family of solutions, General Sensing offers its clients actionable insights that lead to enhanced efficiency, safety, and productivity. Find more information at http://www.generalsensing.com/

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Press Release – Quuppa and General Sensing announcing a partnership

Lehdistötiedote – Quuppa ja General Sensing julkistavat yhteistyökumppanuutensa (Finnish)

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