Create 3D Tracking Area Group

The tracking area is a defined area within the project's coordinate system in which you want to enable tracking. This section will walk you through adding a new 3D tracking area group for your project. If you need to use a 3D tracking area in your project, we recommend that you contact Quuppa support first at so that we can provide further guidance on how to successfully implement such a system.

  1. Open the project in the QSP.
  2. In the object tree on the left, find Tracking Area Groups and right click on it.
  3. Select Add Tracking Area Group.
  4. Give the group a descriptive name that will help you identify it later.

  5. In the object info panel that opens on the right, edit the group settings to best suit your project. For a 3D tracking area choose whether to Allow 3D or use Only 3D tracking areas in this tracking area group. For more details about the other settings, please see the Create New Tracking Area Groups section of this guide.
  6. Now you can add tracking areas to this group. They settings applied here will be applied to any tracking areas added to the tracking area group. For more information, see the Add New Tracking Area section of this guide.