A Community of Partners

We truly value our partners – they are the key to our success. Accurate location is a good starting point, but things really get exciting, once our partners take our superior technology forward.

We are committed and focused on building a community where we and our partners openly share findings, insights, and innovations – how the Quuppa technology is being applied, how it works, what has been discovered, and where can it go.

The Quuppa Forum is a dedicated platform for our partners to collaborate and communicate, as well as to promote their products and services. The annual Quuppa Partner Event brings together the whole ecosystem, offering a great opportunity for networking, finding opportunities for co-operation, sharing tips and experiences, and having fun!

Partner Event 2019

View the highlights from Quuppa Partner Event 2019

An Open Ecosystem

An integral part of Quuppa and the partner community is the idea of an open ecosystem supporting the technology. While we take responsibility for developing the solution further, we encourage our partners to join us in the work.

Our ecosystem already comprises of various tag manufacturers, installation services, software and end-to-end solutions providers, as well as system integrators. And it is constantly growing. While we are able to offer or consult partners on existing solutions for their specific needs, we encourage the conception and manufacture of proprietary designs as well.

The Annual Quuppa Partner Event brings together the whole Quuppa Ecosystem.

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