13 March 2015

Ny Teknik magazine: Quuppa is tracking hockey players

Article translated from
Swedish Ny Teknik magazine


Finnish startup company Quuppa is already tracking the Finnish national ice hockey team. The next step is to track tools on construction sites.

Indoor positioning together with sensor technology has more applications than one can imagine, if you believe Thomas Hasselman, the Chief Marketing Officer at the Finnish company Quuppa.

“We have several large customers evaluating the technology, for example in the military and transport industry segments”, says Thomas Hasselman to Ny Teknik magazine, when demonstrating the company’s technology at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Quuppa uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology and measures the signal’s angle of arrival to the antenna. With this method only one antenna is needed, whereas triangulation methods require three. One Quuppa antenna provides already sub-meter accuracy, and with two antennas also the height can be determined. In addition to positioning coordinates, also other sensor data can be collected.

One good example of this is the Finnish national ice hockey team. The players have tags in their helmets and the system measures their location, as well as the time-on-ice, velocity and distance covered, so that everything can be analyzed. In addition, Quuppa collects pulse data from the heart-rate sensors worn by the players, so that doctors and physiologists can monitor the condition of the players in real-time.

“This hasn’t been done before”, says Thomas Hasselman.

In the United States the company is tracking patients in a mental hospital. If the patient is left without supervision for even a short while, they may harm themselves. In such cases the hospital might get sued by relatives of the patient. With Quuppa’s technology it can be proven that a staff member has in fact visited the patient as promised.

“The cost of our system is paid off with avoiding one court case”, says Thomas Hasselman.

Other applications for the system include tracking shopping carts to analyze shopper behaviour, and to offer the consumers personalized advertisements in a store. Quuppa has installed this kind of systems in French and Italian retail chains.

Construction industry is another example. “They want to track their expensive tools on large construction sites”, says Thomas Hasselman.


Quuppa facts

  • Headquarters in Espoo, outside Helsinki
  • Founded in 2012, but the development of the technology started already back in 2005 in Nokia
  • 10 employees
  • 18 resellers

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