4 September 2014

KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports acquires new athlete tracking system to improve elite sports intelligence

LD-7L HAIP Locator

LD-7L HAIP Locator

KIHU, the Finnish Research Institute for Olympic Sports, has adopted a new athlete tracking system to monitor and provide rich data about athlete’s movements, acceleration, location and workload.

Currently being utilized by KIHU in the Research and Development Program of High Performance Unit, the portable athlete positioning system will enable coaches to access precise analysis to improve the performance of individual athletes and to boost team efforts.

A collaborative effort, the system was developed by two Finnish companies, Quuppa and SportIQ, making use of Quuppa’s HAIP (High Accuracy Indoor Positioning) positioning technology and the information processing solution developed by SportIQ.

Sami Kuitunen, Chief Specialist of Sport Biomechanics at KIHU, says “We want to improve the way we monitor the performance of our athletes to ensure we have the best functional information to improve technique at an individual and team level.”

”The system, developed by Quuppa and SportsIQ, allows us to view new and more accurate statistics that are available immediately – so we can begin to provide feedback on performance to athletes instantly.”

CEO of Quuppa Ltd, Kimmo Kalliola, said “We are very excited to contribute to the development of Finnish Olympians. Aided by our technology I’m sure the specialist teams at KIHU will be soon be setting a new benchmark in athlete analysis and feedback – ensuring that we will see more Finnish athletes on the podiums of future international sports competitions.”

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