15 September 2014

Introducing Portable HAIP Solution

Quuppa offers portable HAIP solutions for customers who need temporary location tracking and/or short-time location tracking in multiple places.

Even though our HAIP solutions are mostly stationary and serving a specific, pre-defined area, it is not the case with each one of the systems that we sell. Our slogan states that we are Locating Anything Anywhere and we mean it. That is why we also offer portable HAIP solutions for organizations that need one.

Deploying portable HAIP system at a sports field.

Deploying portable HAIP system at a sports field.

Like each one of the systems that we sell, the portable HAIP solution is also customized according to the customer’s needs. The system can include either the standard LD-6L locators or the LD-7L long range locators, a number of HAIP tags, a HAIP controller, and tri-pods to hold the locators at place. Quuppa’s technicians provide training to set up the portable system so that the most accurate results can be guaranteed.

The portable HAIP solution provides the same sub-meter accuracy as our regular, stationary system. We recommend the portable solution for customers that need to move their system on a regular basis or who for some reason cannot have the system stationary. Examples of use cases with the portable solution are location tracking at events and athlete tracking in multiple training grounds. Contact us at info@quuppa.com and find out what kind of a HAIP solution best fits your company’s location tracking needs.

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