Optimise Workflows, Reduce Infections & Save Lives.

Orchestrate daily processes by tracking staff, patients and critical medical equipment using RTLS.

Location-based solutions in the healthcare sector provide a wide range of benefits, from improving the patient experience, driving efficiencies in clinical staff workflows, to ensuring regulatory compliance, hand hygiene compliance guidelines, saving lives and more.


Using RTLS to help combat COVID19 through its application for Social Distancing, Contact Tracing and more.

Case Study

University of Fukui Hospital saw an increase of over 300% in hand hygiene compliance as well as 40% more hand sanitiser used …

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Hand Hygiene Compliance

Tracking & Tracing

Faster Response Times

Real-Time Accurate Location

Why Choose Bluetooth Based RTLS Solutions for Healthcare?

Speaking with Quuppa Co-Founder and CCO Fabio Belloni, learn more about how medical facilities around the globe are using RTLS solutions to support enhanced patient care, optimise daily operations, and reduce the spread of infection.

Reducing Hospital Infections Dramatically

Despite years of warnings about deaths and illnesses from hospital-acquired infections, they remain far too rampant. Hundreds of millions of people acquire HCAIs (health care–associated infections) each year, including 7% of hospital patients in developed countries and 10% in developing countries, the World Health Organization has reported.

RTLS Features for Healthcare

  • Contact Tracing

    View recorded playback data to trace the exact locations of wearable & asset tags.

  • Critical Equipment Tracking

    Monitor the exact location of vital medical equipment such as ventilators, wheelchairs etc.

  • Optimised Patient Routes

    Enable a more efficient flow of patients throughout the healthcare facility.

  • Real Time Heat Maps

    Use heat maps, geofencing, zones and restrictions to control movement within areas.

  • Visualise IoT Sensor Data

    Visualise the data generated from other IoT Bluetooth compatible sensors and devices.

  • Trigger Alerts

    Trigger location-based alerts and commands for safe or restricted / quarantined zones.

  • Accurate Staff Location

    Find essential and key staff members quickly with sub-meter accuracy.

  • Medication & Crash Cart Inventories

    Monitor both medication and crash cart inventories for more cost effective order processes.

Hand Hygiene Solutions Drive Compliance and Safety

Poor hand hygiene is directly linked to increased risk of HAI and death of patients. Combining advanced location capabilities with smart-zone technology and dynamic workflow, business rules, and reporting engines ensure accountability, traceability and compliance at all levels.

Learn more about how RTLS can be used in the healthcare sector.

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