20 August 2014

Geo-fencing: a new feature supported by the Quuppa Site Planner and Deployment Tool

The new 4.1 version of Quuppa’s Site Planner and Deployment tool (SPD) will include an easy-to-use geo-fence creator.

Geo-fencing is an important feature in location tracking that enables multiple useful applications as well as more defined and accurate data collection. Geo-fences are virtual borders that are used to create areas at an application level that correspond to actual geographical areas. Geo-fences enable an action to be taken place when a person or an item enters or leaves a specific area. The most common areas to geo-fence are rooms, floors, or sections of a building and the uses can vary from richer data collection to location-based advertising and indoor navigation.

The SPD tool is a vital part of the Quuppa solution. The tool is used by Quuppa’s clients for planning, configuring, testing, and managing their High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) systems. The newest version of the tool will also include an instrument that makes creating geo-fences faster and easier for application developers. With the new instrument, geo-fences can be easily drawn and added to a map, and in case of changes in floor plans, the zones created by geo-fences can be moved and resized without losing any information.

We are constantly developing our platform to be more complete and user-friendly and geo-fence creator was something that was seen as an important feature and it was requested by many of our customers.

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