13 November 2015

Data-collecting ice hockey puck antenna workshop together with Aalto University students


Quuppa´s CEO Kimmo Kalliolla presenting the Intelligent Locating System to students.


Quuppa has started working in cooperation with radio science and engineering master’s students participating in the Antennas workshop, to design a data-collecting antenna suitable for an ice hockey puck. Although Quuppa already has prototypes for the product in question, the current puck prototypes with their antennas are not yet ready for mass production.

Kimmo Kalliola, CEO of Quuppa, who himself is a graduate from the Department Radio Science and Engineering of the School of Electrical Engineering, summarises the task in hand: “We are looking for a real solution to this problem, as our services are used a lot for sports statistics. At the moment, we are able to position sensors in the players’ shoulder pads, which enables us to collect data about the game. The data would obviously be more precise and would be able to serve our customers better if it could be gathered both from the players and from the puck itself. When more data is available about the game, it is possible with the help of the data-collecting puck to enrich the experience of both the players and the viewers.”

The task has many challenging questions for example about antenna positioning and its effect to puck movement, antenna lifespan in the punishing conditions during the game and the material of the puck.

The students will seek to find answers to all these questions as the course progresses. The final solutions will be presented in December in the closing seminar.

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