Proven in a wealth of businesses, applications, and scales, Quuppa has shown to be not just a great idea, but also a reliable performer.

Thanks to our open API interface, the accuracy of the Angle of Arrival method, the low maintenance needs, low implementation and operating costs or limitless expandability of the Quuppa system, the technology has proven universally superior in an endless array of use cases.

Basically, we have yet to find an application where Quuppa would not prove to be the most viable solution.

The Quuppa system is a versatile platform that enables various simultaneous use cases, whether you are operating within a specific business vertical or have a horizontal solution for multiple verticals. Below you will find a few examples, with some links to related case studies.

This table is by no means a comprehensive list, so please contact us if you have something else in mind! See also the Quuppa Partners page to learn more, who is doing what.

Retail Hospitality Healthcare Smart Buildings Manufacturing
& Logistics
Surveillance Sports
Security & Safety

Anti-theft system

Staff safety

Security staff management

Staff and customer safety

Access control

Staff & patient safety

Hand-hygiene compliancy

Access control

Staff safety

Collision avoidance

Danger zone detection


Intrusion detection

Unauthorized entry

Swimming pool
Virtual Life Guard

Operational efficiency

Inventory management

Click & collect

Digital table-tent

Keyless access

Visitor behavior

Paperless work orders

Bed & crash cart inventory management

Space optimization

“Find the printer”

Electricity savings

Inventory management

Maintenance process optimization

Asset tracking

Security staff (SLA) management

CCTV integration

Automated statistics and time-keeping

User experience

In-store navigation

In-fair navigation

Easy hotel check‑in

Serving to table

Visitor navigation

Happy staff with paperless work orders

“Find the printer”

“Find my colleague”

“Find meeting room”

Happy workers with paperless work orders

”Hands-free” access control (no need to swipe)

Fan engagement


Shopper behavior

Product placement

Staff efficiency

Customer behavior

Staff efficiency

Staff efficiency

Hand-hygiene compliancy

Space utilization

Team dynamics

Staff feedback

Forklift usage

Subcontractor SLA

Quality assurance

Space utilization

Athlete performance and Game Strategy analytics