30 October 2015

Alzheimer Centre of Venosa & Guardian System

guardian-logoThe Alzheimer Centre of Venosa has been opened, and the novel solution Guardian has been presented to the public. Guardian is a 24/7 patients monitoring application designed by 01Rabbit, provided in partnership with Medical Centre, and powered by Quuppa.

Guardian is an ideal solution for hospitals and centres for elderly people, fulfilling the regulations related to health and security. Using specific wearable sensors, the system can detect and alert in real-time about hazardous situations. Furthermore, it allows to study the patients’ behaviour by discretely monitoring the time spent in pre-defined areas (geo-fencing), which is particularly suitable for patients suffering from Alzheimer.

Guardian is designed for real-time monitoring of patients, and keeping nurses and personnel up to date with the well-being of the people they are taking care of. Guardian can also be used for optimizing the overall workflow and daily activities of the hospital personnel, enabling more effective use of time and resources.

The Guardian application is powered by Quuppa Intelligent Location Technology, providing continuous real-time positioning with accuracy less than one meter. The system is covering both the indoor and outdoor patients areas.

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