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Taking the Best Dot and Making it Smart

Knowing exactly where everything is, allows the hospital to do workflows and develop important business rules, related to e.g. hand hygiene, crash cart and asset management, and locating people.

Neil Salem, CEO of Nesa Solutions and Jose Perdomo, SVP of Miami Children's Hospital, talk about the Insight Location Intelligence solution that is built on "The Best Dot On The Map" delivered by Quuppa.

Empower EmSafe is powered by Quuppa

Service company Empower Oyj has developed an active work safety application EmSafe, which is used at workshops to track people and moving equipment, preventing accidents by predicting collisions before they happen. Empower designed the software for EmSafe, but they needed someone to provide the positioning technology itself. This is where Quuppa came in. Stefan Wiklund is talking about our cooperation.

Empower Emsafe enhances work safety and minimizes risks in industry premises.
(Published on Oct 19, 2017)

Tomi Teikko talking about Intelligent Building
Tomi Teikko, Director, Intelligent Building, Tieto – Talking about Intelligent Building Platform and Indoor Positioning Technologies.
(Published on Jan 18, 2017)

High Precision Location - Angle of Arrival - Quuppa Enters the USA

High Precision Location - Angle of Arrival - Quuppa Enters the USA - Part Two

Fabio Belloni, General Manager of Quuppa USA, interviewed by Steve Statler for his podcast series The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Beacosystem .
(Published on Jan 8, 2017)

The First Smart Puck Goal
Finnish National Hockey League, Tampere Ice Stadium, March 4, 2016
(Published on Nov 18, 2016)

Introducing: Quuppa Data Player
Quuppa Data Player enables Viewing, Recording, Replaying, and Analysing data generated with Quuppa System.
(Published on Nov 8, 2016)

Synapses Interface
Graphical User Interface for Quuppa Intelligent Locating System. Developed by Synapses.
(Published on Jun 10, 2016)

Local News: Person Tracking at Xiuzhou police station
(Published on May 4, 2016)

Person Tracking at Xiuzhou police station
(Published on May 4, 2016)

Greetings from MWC16
(Published on March 7, 2016)

Prosegur iTrack
(Published on Jan 28, 2016) Prosegur iTrack is a Mobile Resources Management platform using indoor positioning technologies. It enables knowing the real-time location and availability of security resources, maximizing efficient use of them.

Sub-Meter Tracking – Redefined
(Published on Jun 18, 2015) One of the frequently asked questions is "How accurate tracking can your system provide?" We talk about Sub-Meter Accuracy. That’s less than a meter, but how much less? We took this question with us on our summer trip. Sub-Meter Tracking is now redefined.

Introducing RetailerIN In-store Analytics
(Published on Oct 13, 2015) RetailerIN is a ground-breaking business intelligence platform, that analyses the ways customers move inside a store and provides evidence on the behaviour of each and every single customer. Collected data can then be used to improve the arrangement of products, optimise the sales process, and as such enhance revenues and profitability.

Bluetrack - making efficiency visible
(Published on May 28, 2015) Bluetrack is an innovative tracking tool developed by PHI DATA for PwC making it possible to record the real-time movement pattern of persons and objects in any kind of indoor environment in order to be able to optimize workflows. Bluetrack is Powerd by Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™.

Handball Tracking, Stockholm SWE
(Published on May 26, 2015)

HockeyTech Analytics System
(Published on April 24, 2015) Technology enables precise tracking of player and puck position in real time, automating the computation of game analytics and statistics never before available in the sport of hockey. Read more »

Quuppa in Sports
(Published on March 30, 2015)

Greetings from MWC15, Barcelona
(Published on March 11, 2015)

Quuppa-demo, Finnish Hockey League
(Published on Dec 18, 2014)

Quuppa Demo: Field Test – The Runner
(Published on Nov 18, 2014)

Quuppa Demo: Field Test With RC Car
(Published on Oct 2, 2014)

Quuppa Demo: Ice Hockey
(Published on Sep 19, 2014)

Zen'to indoor positioning at METRO
(Published on Aug 21, 2014)

Quuppa - Locating Anything Anywhere
(Published on Jun 19, 2014)

Indoor Positioning demo at MWC 2013
(Published on Apr 3, 2013)

Quuppa demo: Model Plane
(Published on Jan 24, 2013)

Quuppa demo: Basketball
(Published on Nov 20, 2012)

Quuppa demo: Golf
(Published on Nov 20, 2012)