So, how is it using a Quuppa system?


“We used Quuppa system for an ambitious project at the Venosa Hospital, Italy. We created Guardian, a security software solution helping to assist patients suffering from Alzheimer. Guardian allows monitoring patients preventing hazard situations, triggering quick responses in case of needs, tracking repetitive habits, as well as improving on the overall patients care. The system is a valuable aid to the medical staff and hospital management, as well as to the relatives to know that they beloved are well. Quuppa is easy to deploy and manage. It is very powerful tracking & monitoring engine, with an impressive accuracy and reliability."

– Enrico De Vita, CEO / CTO, 01Rabbit

01Rabbit is a software house. 01Rabbit realizes software, mobile apps and web sites. We develop software tailored to meet the needs of our customers. With our consulting you can give life to your ideas.

"Quuppa system has been an amazing discovery for us. We tested several solutions for indoor positioning but Quuppa was the one that really works fine for our goals. We are going to use it in very different applications: from industrial security context to proximity marketing scenarios and, finally, indoor drone navigation."

–  Domenico Loschiavo, CTO, 3logic

3logic is a craftsman workshop based in the restored wing of an ancient convent in the downtown of Pisa. With the same care taken by a tailor or a goldsmith, we realize handmade digital products. Our clients are enabled to focus on what they are already good at, and to improve it by the incredible possibilities opened by information technology, electronics and Internet.

American Offshore Marine Logo"After testing other technologies, we believe that Quuppa-based positioning technology is the best fit for AOM solution offering. We want to partner with the leading provider of real-time locating systems (RTLS) in the world. Quuppa team is comprised of engineers and scientists with years of designing, implementing and testing the next generation of HAIP."

– Gregory Lundy, President, American Offshore Marine LLC

American Offshore Marine (AOM) is a US-based data analytics company focused on the offshore marine industries, such as the harsh environments of offshore oil and gas. AOM was founded by a diverse team of technology industry veterans united by the common goal of maximizing safety and improving efficiencies, across multiple industries: maritime, transport, industry & institutions. AOM is excited to find itself on the frontier of Location based services; we are constantly stretching the technology further, breaking barriers, and helping companies get the most out of real-time asset tracking. Our aim is to be at the forefront of location based services by leveraging on the best positioning technologies, SW, and cloud service solutions from the market; for example for revolutionizing personnel safety in the oil and gas sectors

"We determined that Quuppa Intelligent Locating Technology was the best fit for our company because it offers stable and feasible indoor positioning solution for commercial use and it is easy to set up."

– Kong Ji, General Manager, Shanghai Bocoom Technology Co. Ltd

At Shanghai Bocoom Technology, we use Quuppa technology to provide value-added solutions based on what our clients already have, including the governors of airports, prison wardens and hospital management, to optimize their information system and management style. We provide distinctive features for our clients to provide more attentive, high quality services for their end users.

"The Quuppa technology allows us to track the customers shopping carts inside brick and mortar stores with an unmatched accuracy and scale. This highly accurate data allow us to investigate and predict customer behaviour besides enabling services for the customer such as navigation and location based advertising.”

–  Christian Lander, Researcher, Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL)

The German Research Center for Artificial intelligence (DFKI) is the leading research center in Germany in the field of innovative commercial software technology using Artificial Intelligence. Research and development projects are conducted in fourteen research departments and research groups, ten competence centers and six living labs. The Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL) is an application-related research lab at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), located in the GLOBUS SB-Warenhaus Holding in St. Wendel, Germany.

"Quuppa has proven time and again why they are leaders in both RF Location and Internet of Things technologies. As a provider of mission critical IT services to professional sports leagues and franchises around the globe, we rely on our partners to provide us with the technologies and resources we need to service our clients. From best-in-class real time RF Location hardware and software to unique sports-related trouble shooting, Quuppa always has our backs.

–  Cary Moretti, CTO, HockeyTech

HockeyTech is a worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics and information services. HockeyTech was founded in 2013 by Stu Siegel (technology entrepreneur and former Florida Panthers Managing Partner/CEO) through a series of acquisitions. While HockeyTech is a new corporate identity, their brands have been providing cutting-edge solutions to the hockey world since 1998.

"Quuppa's positioning technology allows us to track fast moving objects in many different positioning and control applications with an accuracy, latency, and cost that aren't available from any other positioning system supplier. Quuppa provides knowledgeable support and exceptional response time. Their solution is robust, flexible, and their engineering team continues to enhance the system at a rapid pace.

–  Richard Kirby, Founder, KSP Research

KSP Research is a sports engineering company that develops novel solutions for tracking and analyzing elite athletes using computer vision and RF technologies.

"The possibilities that the Quuppa solution offers are enormous. Besides the classic 'Where is this or that right now?', our customers can use this solution for, among other things, analysing and optimising internal trajectories of persons and objects, and to prevent collisions in real time. Even in situations of reduced or poor visibility, and in emergency situations, it is possible to know to within less than one metre where people or safety equipment are located."

– Guy Couder, General Manager, PHI DATA

PHI DATA nv specialises in automatic identification, data capture and location. We provide consultancy, develop, supply, implement and support total solutions within the application areas of Field Force Automation, Work Floor Automation, Labelling, RTLS, and Condition Monitoring. Our customers come from various fields, including industry, logistics, transport, distribution, retail, health care, the public sector, services and utilities.

"Quuppa represented us the enabling technology for precisely measuring and modeling customers' behavior inside a store: there is so much knowledge to extract from high quality location data!"

– Iacopo Carreras, CEO, ThinkIN

Our product RetailerIN allows retailers to measure in-store customers behavior and get actionable insights on how to improve operations and increase profitability.

"We chose Quuppa technology, because it matched with our clients expectations and our software technology by being easy to set-up, having integration capability, and accuracy."

–  Thierry Rudowski, Managing Director, Zen'to

Zen'to is a Digital Architect, dedicated to In-Store applications. We design, develop and roll-out applications dedicated to in-Store experience, like mobile applications, digital kiosks or web apps. Zen'to has developed a software platform, called Zen'to LightHouse, that provides services to retailers, based on Quuppa technology: geofencing, geocouponing, indoor positioning and client behaviour tracking. Zen'to is based in Paris with clients like Leclerc, Louis Vuitton, Metro, TF1, Total, Ville de Paris...

Fortune 500 logo

“The Quuppa system is easy to set up and works as advertised down to sub-meter accuracy. The software GUI for set up and control is clear and supports system installation very well. The mode of operation we tested is suitable for “equipment” tracking in a wider sense: actual equipment, personnel, patients etc. can be tracked with high accuracy. The prospect of this system running in mobile-centric mode on smart phones makes its case even more compelling, since it would then also cover cell-phone tracking.”

– Anonymous, Sr. Program Manager, a Fortune 500 company

The Fortune 500 is a list compiled by Fortune magazine raking the top 500 public corporations of the US as measured by their gross revenue.