Complete System

Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful engine for novel Location Based Services and Applications. It is a versatile, flexible and fully scalable solution – both technically and financially – with use cases varying from small research projects to fully covered hospitals and shopping centres.

Quuppa system is a complete and mature product with hardware, software and professional services.

System Components


Locators are advanced antennas, capable of measuring the direction of an arriving radio signal transmitted by a Tag. Quuppa offers two kinds of Locators:

The LD-6L is discreetly and elegantly designed to fit well into any indoor environment. It is a compact and lightweight device, comes with an easy to use mounting bracket, and can even be attached using magnets for temporary installations.

The LD-7L is designed for real-time tracking in large, outdoor environments. It has a durable, dust and waterproof casing. With its large, optimized antenna array, the LD-7L can do sub-meter tracking up to 300 meters (330 yards). Besides the longer range, the LD-7L also provides more accurate results at close distances. The improved accuracy is particularly relevant in real-time tracking of objects moving at high speeds, for example in different sports applications.

All Quuppa Locators can be powered using standard Power-over Ethernet (PoE) or 12V DC. They also run a full telemetry system, allowing for remote configuration, automatic diagnostic, and faults recovery.

Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ componentsQuuppa LD-6L is an elegant device with a diameter of 20 cm and a weight of 500 g.The LD-6L's mounting bracket offers various attaching options. Quuppa LD-7L is designed with outdoor conditions in mind.The LD-7L is mounted using standard VESA 200 brackets.

Tags are BLE radio transmitters sending a Quuppa-specified radio packet.

The standard Quuppa QT1-1 Tag is designed to be easily attached to a person or object. It is lightweight, waterproof and shockproof, and houses a 3-axis accelerometer, a thermometer and a programmable button, as well as an LED that can be commanded using the Quuppa back channel.

Quuppa system uses two-way over-the-air communication between the Tags and the Locators, which enables real-time controlling and commanding of the Tags, even from remote.

Thanks to BLE technology, the Tag has a very long battery lifetime. Naturally it depends on the use-case, but to give a rough idea: The standard Quuppa Tag can transmit one packet per second 24/7 for one year. Using the onboard sensors and/or geofencing, and activating the Tag only when needed, battery lifetime can be extended up to several years.

If the standard Tag does not fulfill your needs, you are totally free to make your own design and we are happy to support you by providing the schematics.

In addition to separate “hardware Tags”, Quuppa system can also track “software Tags”. Smartphones, tablets, wristbands, barcode scanners, heart-rate sensors, or any other BLE-enabled devices, can be turned into a Tag with just a few lines of code.

Quuppa API can expose whatever data your sensors are recording: heart-rate, gyro, compass, magnetometer, barometer, temperature, humidity,...

Quuppa platform uses off-the-shelf hardware chipsets, programmed with our own company-developed firmware. This design approach enables our customers to access Quuppa’s unique features cost-effectively, regardless of whether they are running proprietary or standard protocols. All Quuppa hardware products are at least FCC and CE certified, and also Bluetooth registered.

Quuppa QT1-1 Tag

Custom made Quuppa Tags by BoCoom




Quuppa Site Planner (QSP) is the primary control panel to Quuppa system. It is used for planning, deployment and configuration; with new projects as well as for modifying existing ones. Quuppa system can be controlled and modified remotely, and QSP is usually installed on a personal laptop.

Quuppa Data Player is an application that enables Viewing, Recording, Replaying, and Analyzing data generated with Quuppa System.  

Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) is the heart and brains of the system. It receives data from the Locators, runs it through advanced positioning algorithms, creates outputs in various formats, and sends the data forward as desired. QPE is running on a computer, in most cases at the site where tracking is done. Cloud based installation is also supported.

QPE offers a well documented and easy to use standard JSON/REST- pull API, that enables seamless integration with other systems. The QPE API is fully open and configurable, and even comes with an editor, so if you wish, you are totally free to write your own API.

Quuppa Customer Portal (QCP) is a web service provided by Quuppa. It is used for managing and monitoring projects, customizable alerts, licences and orders.

All Quuppa software is Java based and therefore not dependent on the operating system. We prefer using Linux, but SPD and QPE are provided also as Windows applications.

Infrastructure, installation and maintenance

Quuppa system is very easy to deploy: Create the project with SPD, put the Locators up, measure their positions with the help of SPD's intuitive tools, connect the Locators to the server via standard ethernet network and that's it – you'll be up and running in no time. That being said, beyond the basic setup there’s a wide variety of options for customizing the system to meet all your needs.

Quuppa system can make use of existing network infrastructure e.g. cabling, so it is not mandatory to build a dedicated IT-network. The physical ethernet cables can also be replaced with standard WiFi bridge devices. Locators support DHCP and DHCP options for QPE discovery, and Locators and QPE are communicating using standard Internet Protocol.

Once installed, a Quuppa system normally requires no physical maintenance. The system is constantly monitoring itself, and automatically sends and alert in case attention is needed.