BM-6TW-10 Pendant Tag

Pendant Tag


  • Model number: BM-6TW-10 
  • BLE chip: TI CC2540 (FW provided by Quuppa)
  • Accelerometer: NO
  • CR2032 Lithium Manganese Dioxide button cell: 3.0V-200mAh
  • Two buttons (same function) to trigger Quuppa “buttonState” as pushed
  • Two LEDs (red and green), can be commanded on/off by Quuppa QPE API
  • Reconfigurable by Quuppa focus locator. Since BM-6TW-10 tag has no accelerometer, either button should be pressed once reconfigured to make sure the tag enter “Trigger” state, which is the normal working state
  • Battery life for typical working mode:
    • Transmit channel: Quuppa propriety 2481MHz
    • Transmit rate: 3 Hz
    • TX power: 0dBm
    • RX in power safe mode
    • All of the I/Os disabled.
    • Battery life 60 days
  • tag weight: ~12g
  • size: 45mm×40mm×10mm

Vendor: Shanghai Bomian Technology Co., Ltd.

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