ThinkIN provides location intelligence for indoor spaces. We track, measure and analyse how people and assets move inside a physical space, and deliver (i) analytics and Key Performance Indicators to decision-makers on how to optimise processes and (ii) advanced indoor location-based services.

We do have off-the-shelf solutions for the following markets:


By tracking with Quuppa technology how shopping carts and baskets move in a grocery store, Thinkin technology reconstructs and analyses the entire shopping journey from the moment customers enter the store, until they reach the check-out counter. This information can be integrated and matched with sales data to understand where shoppers went, what they bought and, even more importantly, what they didn’t buy.

The information collected is processed with Thinkin proprietary algorithms and technology, and transformed into answers to some of the key questions affecting modern retailers:

  • Is the store layout effective?
  • How are promos performing?
  • What is the conversion of a given department or aisle?
  • What is the true value of the sales floor?
  • Am I using the right number/type of baskets and trolleys in my store?

ThinkIN technology integrates with third-party systems (e.g., barcode scanners, self-scanning mobile applications, working tools) in order to augment with indoor location information existing retail services and deliver real-time solutions both to customers and well as to retailers.

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ThinkIn for Industry is the innovative platform for real-time monitoring and control of assets and workforce in industrial environments. ThinkIN combines Quuppa technology and IoT to transform the shop floors of manufacturing companies into smart and digital environments, supporting:

  • Workflow management (monitor and control industrial workflows in real time);
  • Industrial process optimization (enhance productivity and factory efficiency);
  • Workforce safety (improve safety and security of operations).

Data are collected from Quuppa TAGs or specific devices (e.g. bracelet, name badge) positioned on workers or assets such as, e.g., forklifts, pallets or trolleys used to transport materials and components. Data are elaborated in the cloud and transformed into actionable knowledge on industrial processes. An interactive dashboard provides statistics and visual analytics to optimize the entire production process.

Interested to know more?

Try out our Quuppa-ready demo kit! It can be integrated in a matter of hours over any existing Quuppa deployment and allows to test right away different location-based services, taking advantage of the many accessory services for the creation of a complete location-based solution.

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