The Occi Analytics interactive platform gives store managers and operatives actionable insights on what is happening in the aisles. With this tool, they can understand what is really happening in their store in real time, what products and promotions are seen by customers, and how this converts to sales.

Our data mining platform automatically produces reports and recommends concrete action to be taken for maximum impact. The Occi Marketing recommendation engine provides customers with contextual targeted content in real-time. Depending on your specific needs and focus, this content can be :

  • the precise position of any product in the store, automatically updated daily, as well as their own position in the store
  • a self-organizing shopping list that shows in priority products that are close-by
  • view of all promotions they are eligible to, and where they are located.
  • personnalized coupons
  • targeted geo-activated advertising

All these features are available on any device : smartphones, hand-scanners, tablets, in-store screens…

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