Medical Center

Medical Center

Our solution for patient safety

Guardian is the brand new and innovative control system that promotes safety and management of patients and staff hospital and/or nursing home.

Guardian System, based on Quuppa Solution, is versatile, highly customizable, fully scalable and without interference. It is also easy to set up and manage.

Technology used by Guardian is ten times more accurate, fast and efficient compared to competitors. Moreover, it works inside buildings, where most assets and people move and where GPS technology doesn’t work.

logo GuardianThe Guardian System ensures:

  • Patient tracking
  • The ability to create individual patient profiles and prohibited areas
  • The possibility to manage and report accesses into prohibited areas or patient falls over the monitored area
  • Database of all movements and events /alarms reported and recorded

The Guardian system allows:

  • The patient’s identification and its instant position in the structure
  • Monitoring and prevention of emergencies : exe. FALLS
  • Monitoring and prevention of emergencies : exe ESCAPE
  • Monitoring of the patient’s dangerous or problematic behavior
  • Monitoring during the night
  • To predict risky behaviors


Increase efficiency:

  • Optimization of resources
  • Messages and alarms for people or assets entering or leaving a predefined area and/or prohibited
  • Automation for the management of emergency processes

Increase security:

  • Management of requests of assistance by the hospital staff and location of the nearest doctor
  • Control of access to high-security areas and alarm in case of prohibited areas
  • Automation of the video-security system based on tagged patients or assets

Applications: Hospitals, Urgent Care, RSA, nursing homes for the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients Structures

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