We’re reconnecting mobile people to the real world with Geos – an operating system for businesses and governments to create indoor navigation and to manage smart sensors.

Geos is particularly used by city authorities who wants to give access to urban services for their residents.

The City of Warsaw has commissioned Ifinity to carry out a Virtual Warsaw project based on Geos with three implementations:

  • Indoor navigation system in the Warsaw Center for the Disabled
  • Public buses real-time schedules available on mobile
  • Educational context-aware paths in one of city districts

As an outcome of implementation City of Warsaw was awarded with prestigious Bloomberg Mayors Challenge Prize winning $1M Euro and plans to run $15M worth implementations.

Geos features:

  • Out of the Box solution
  • Sensors agnostic management platform
  • Multi-floor indoor navigation
  • Personalized notifications to mobile users
  • Behavioral analytics
  • No programming skills required

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