LD-7L Long Range HAIP Locator

The Quuppa Long Range HAIP Locator (LD-7L) is designed for real-time location tracking in large, outdoor environments.

Quuppa long range HAIP locatorQuuppa LD-7L HAIP Locator

The LD-7L is a new member of Quuppa’s product family. It is especially made for outdoor use and it has a durable, dust and waterproof casing. With a large and optimized antenna array, the LD-7L is the most accurate one of the Quuppa Locators and can do sub-meter tracking up to 300 meters (330 yards).

Not only for outdoors

The LD-7L is not only for outdoor usage, but it is also the option to go for if you need positioning in a large indoor environment or if you need extremely accurate positioning data at short range. While the LD-7L has a longer range than the LD-6L Locator, it also provides more accurate data at close distances. The improved data accuracy is particularly relevant in real-time tracking of objects moving at high speeds.

Like all the other Quuppa products, the new LD-7L Locator runs a full telemetry system, allowing for remote configuration, automatic diagnostic, and faults recovery.

Example locations to use the LD-7L Locators are outdoor stadiums, indoor sports arenas, car parks, large warehouses, and harbors.

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