Key Features

Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is designed to be a versatile solution for a wide variety of use-cases. We're constantly developing the system, in close cooperation with our Partners, in order to meet the requirements for a novel RTLS platform. Here are some of the key features of Quuppa system.

The technical data sheet can be found here.

icon-accuracySuperior accuracy

Positioning accuracy e.g. location error of Quuppa system is relative to the distance between the Tag and the Locator, and to the amount of Locators.Typical continuous positioning accuracy for a Quuppa system is around 0.5 m (2 ft). If needed, even centimeter/inch-level accuracy can be achieved. Accuracy is relative to the distance between the Tag and the Locator and to the number of Locators.

Thanks to its unique positioning method, Quuppa system is able to provide 2D-positioning even with just one Locator. However, in most cases the Tag is visible to several Locators, which substantially improves the accuracy and reliability.

Depending on the case, accuracy can vary from one area to another. For example, in a typical Retail store or Hospital deployment higher accuracy is needed in specific areas of interest, while lower accuracy is sufficient in other areas. In contrast, in sports cases, the whole arena is covered with high accuracy positioning.

icon-realtimeReal-time Data

Real-time is a flexible word. For Quuppa system, it means location update rate up to 100 Hz, and latency down to 100 ms. This is sufficient for example adding real-time graphics to a live TV-broadcast or to control an automated camera following a hockey puck.

Quuppa system can be configured to use proprietary channels, on which the standard Quuppa Tags can transmit up to 50 Hz. On standard BLE channels the transmit rate is limited to 10 Hz, as per BLE regulation.

Location update rate and latency of the Quuppa system are also dependent on the software licence type.

icon-bluetoothBluetooth Compatible

iphoneQuuppa system is able to track any BLE device that is transmitting a Quuppa specified radio packet. For example, iOS and Android devices can be made visible to Quuppa system by just adding a few lines of code to the Application in use.

In addition to location tracking, Quuppa system is able to receive and expose data from BLE sensors. For example, a standard Polar H7 heart rate sensor can be used with Quuppa system, out of the box.

Polar-H7Furthermore, Quuppa Tag ID can be read with a BLE device even without Locators. For example, a doctor could read patient’s ID from a Tag with a Smartphone App and fetch the correct information from a cloud-service.

Open and Customizable Tag Design

Quuppa standard Tag is designed to be a good overall solution. It is lightweight, shockproof, waterproof, and easy to attach with straps, cable ties or similar. However, the design or functionalities of the standard Tag are not necessarily optimal for all use-cases. That's why we allow total freedom in Tag design. Custom made Quuppa Tags by BoCoomIf you want to design a new Tag from scratch, we can provide you the schematics. If you have a ready made BLE-enabled product, it can most likely be made Quuppa-compatible with only slight software modifications. Whatever you want to track, we're happy to support you.

icon-IoTGateway to the Internet of Things

More and more Things are connected to the internet and sending out information about themselves and their surroundings. If the Thing happens to be equipped with a BLE radio – which they often do – it can be made visible to Quuppa system. And if the Thing has any sensors on board – which they practically always do – the sensor data can be received by Quuppa system and exposed through its open and configurable API.

icon-apiOpen and configurable API

Quuppa system offers a well documented and easy to use standard JSON/REST- pull API, that enables seamless integration with other systems. The QPE API is fully open and configurable, and even comes with an editor, so if you wish, you are totally free to write your own API.

Long Tag battery life

Thanks to BLE technology, Quuppa Tags have a very long battery lifetime. A standard Quuppa Tag can transmit one packet per second 24/7 for one year. That makes roughly 31.5 million transmissions.

Using the onboard sensors and/or geofencing, and activating the Tag only when needed, battery lifetime can be extended up to several years. In many cases, the battery manufacturers specification for the maximum lifetime becomes the limiting factor.


Once installed, Quuppa system normally requires no physical maintenance. The system is constantly monitoring itself and will send an alert, in case it needs attention. The Locators have inbuilt accelerometers, so if they are touched the system will know. If a Locator is offline, the system will know. In the case of a power failure, the system will perform an automated recovery.

RF Immunity

Quuppa system is based on BLE technology, which enables compatibility with standard mobile devices. However, the 2.4 GHz band range is very crowded, so operating in these radio channels is not a trivial task.

Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ uses advanced proprietary algorithms that make it a very robust and reliable solution.

The system has been tested by Quuppa and its customers in the most challenging environments, such as fully packed tradeshows and stadiums, and it has been confirmed that there is no interference to or from other systems.

When tracking high-speed objects like for example hockey players and puck, Quuppa system can be configured to proprietary operation mode in which the system is able to provide update rates up to 100 Hz. In proprietary mode the system is also immune to any interference from other BLE devices or any other wireless systems such as WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, or wireless microphones.